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How Do You Write?

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I just started using this program called Balabloka. It is a reading program.

I cut and paste a section of my manuscript that  I want it to read and it reads it back to me.

I have found a lot of errors in my manuscript, that I would have missed, if simply reading it myself. 

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For what it's worth, I have MicroSoft Word for Mac (because I have a Mac!), version 16.24. I don't imagine the Mac version has anything the Windows doesn't.


On the review tab, the third icon from the left says, "Read Aloud." It's not the greatest reading with expression and all the good things Nicola would put into it, but it did read the story and I discovered that my albatross had soured off into the sunrise. (I changed the "u" to an "a," and now he soared.)

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17 minutes ago, suspensewriter said:

Man, I just tried ProWritingAid and I've got admit- I love it!  It's the only one that works with Scrivener!


I learned some new Scrivener tricks while I was away in Lake Tahoe for the Plotting Madness Boot Camp. The Inline Annotation feature is really powerful and very cool.



Inline annotations are notes that you can insert anywhere in the text. Think of them as a circled note you jotted down paper above the sentence and you use that carat mark as insertion so it’s visible when you make your revisions. It’s the same concept in Scrivener. You can use inline annotations when you want the notes to be very visible, right on the page. You can even insert images and hyperlinks directly into the annotation and later remove it when you compile your work.

To create inline annotations, position the cursor to where you want the inline annotation to start. Choose Format->Inline Annotation and type in your note.


The text appears in a red bubble.



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I mainly use Word. If you want specifics, it's Word 2013 on Windows 10. Some days, if I'm feeling up to it, I'll write my thoughts down in a spiral notebook I use to jot down story ideas, character names, etc. Then I'll take what I've written by hand and put in on the computer later on.

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