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comparing the 5 most popular ebook distribution companies

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SW, I think they considered KDP to be a topic of its own, saying there are many benefits of going direct to Amazon and needed it to be the topic of another post. :)


Claire, you're welcome. :D

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4 hours ago, suspensewriter said:

I thought Amazon would make their list, but it looks like I had another think coming!


Amazon wouldn't make this list because they're not a distributor for eBooks. Yeah, I know they've been called a distributor (mainly by someone who isn't around anymore), and for a lot of other products they are. But for eBooks, they more closely fit the definition of a retailer. Amazon is a place that the 5 "distributors" in this article would distribute to.


In fact, I like the term "aggregator " better than "distributor" for these types of companies. 


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