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Nicholas Reicher

How To Make A Nebula

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You need a glass, paint, a ladder, and a hairdryer. You also need a camcorder on a tripod and something heavy like sandbags, a purse or two or a bulletproof vest. last, you need two chairs.

And.... one rubber band.


Here we go!

paint the glass black and set the glass between the two chairs. If you're going to film from below, leave this step to last.

Get your paints nice and water wet, so they're thin but not runny. Add red by dripping it. Next, add blue. the white needs to be from a dry brush, but shake the brush onto the glass to create white specks.


Place the tripod over the ladder and weigh down with two purses or sandbags Aim the camera down at the glass. turn on hair dryer and lightly blow on the wet paint. use a second person to turn the camera angle slowly with the rubber band.


You have an outerspace nebula, orbiting in space.


Try not to make a mess, @zx1ninja and @Johne

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Only a mess when there's a sudden and large number of stars coming to life in succession. 

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