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Hello My Name is Adrian, I recently joined the forum and I am part of the team that works on NewzApp. I am not sure how to post in "Plugs and Promos" section so I am posting in here and I am kindly asking the moderators to move to the appropriate section.


We are happy to announce that our app is a truly Global News App with a geolocation feature. Fellow writers from all over the world can post here is very easy to use and if you are a prolific writer you can connect your AdSense account as well.


I  propose to those of you who might be interested in becoming a content writer take it for a spin, write an article., get familiarized with the platform and see if it is of any future interest to you. You can choose from News, Sport, writing a Reportage, Entertainment, Blog, Books, music, movies, Politics, Economy, International Affairs, Fashion, Entertainment or Health.


The log in process is super easy with Facebook and in a couple of minutes you will be able to write your first article or if you are a regular contributor somewhere else you can post the first few paragraphs of your story/post/article and link connect to your blog or website or place where you are mainly active. This way you will attract more readers guaranteed.


We are also looking for moderators to review the published articles. Please PM me if interested.


I am looking forward to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. The News App can be accessed by clicking this link https://newz.app

God Bless !

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Hi Ahila,

Yes the content of the postings can be based on biblical values as long as it is meaningful and has a theme. For example, a post that will only promote an event will be deleted but a post discussing the bible content or similar study will qualify. You can also post on our platform say about a third of your original post ( if you have your own blog or website where you are posting on a regular basis) and post the link to your blog or website with a "Read More" comment.

Thanks for the question


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5 hours ago, Tabitha J said:

Hi Adrian. I am interested in content writing.  Is there compensation for writers?



Thank you,


Hi Tabitha,

For now we offer the possibility to connect your AdSense account. In the near future ( + - 6 months) we will integrate the use of a dedicated digital currency currently in the process of being listed on exchanges. For more info on the currency look at this website https://oracolxor.io . Regarding Newz.App we are looking to build a solid base of regular contributors at this stage. Soon we will post a contest with a prize for the best-written article.The contest will run during the springtime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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8 hours ago, Ahila Prabu said:

that is me, thank you :)

Very Nice. Congrats on your first article! I forgot to mention that foEnglishnglish language you can actually post in 3 time zones just by clicking on the flags and you will be redirected to North America or UK or Australia time zones. What I usually do I keep a copy of the article on Word and just copy and paste it in the 3 time zones!

Thank you all for considering this news platform.



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