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Gary Lee Carmichael

Suggestion Requests For My Site And How To Increase Traffic

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What a fun site! Nice job! Now, what I'm about to give may seem like a lot but it's all necessary. Websites are a lot of work and must also have maintenance.


What I see...


*Isn’t Marimoor a place? I’m wondering about your header. You say, “This is Marimoor...” However, you show the people. You might want to say, “These are the people (or whatever) of Marimoor...”

*Also in the header, you have capitalized Faith, Family, and Deliverance. I’m curious why.

*You might also want to italicize the book title.

*On the Marimoor page, the font is hard to read. Also, you need to break up the text into small paragraphs. It’s difficult to read online when there is no white space for paragraphs. This goes for your author page and book page as well.

*also you may want to update the copyright at the bottom


What I don’t see...


*a subscription signup

*https for your weblink. This is essential. Chrome usually gives a warning to sites not updated to https.

*social icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

*a cookie and security policy. Having a policy is now mandatory. So don't skip this.


What to learn about...


*image compression. If you do not compress your images, they will also slow down your site. 

*alt text for your images. This is highly necessary and may become mandatory. It is for the sight impaired as they use their computer with voice. The alt text box is in with the other infoboxes when you insert an image. The alt text describes the image you are using for someone who is blind.


With all that said, you have a great start. Both your site and book look fun. Hope your book does well. What age group is your target? :D

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Oops! I forgot you asked about SEO. This is still something I'm learning. Although it's difficult for me to do much of it as I write devotionals.

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Thanks Lynn. I already submitted your suggestions to my developer for review and I will personally change the things I can myself. Some of the things you mentioned I had no idea were issues with the site (hard to read font, punctuation, etc.). 


People tell me the book is a fun read. I combined my fascination with dreaming with bumbling mystical characters I invented while in elementary school. I started out with the intention of targeting pre-teen and teen readers, but I have received more favorable feedback from adults.


Anyway, thanks so much. 

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I second that idea, especially if you market outside the Christian  publishing world. A YA can still be clean and uplifting to appeal to adult readers.

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From your feedback I'm happy to say that all of the suggestions have been updated into my website, with the exception of the subscription signup which is currently in process. Thanks again for the help.

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