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I think I'm going to have a problem soon. I  love to write and I love to share what I  write. It's the asking for others to purchase what I write that's going to be a hurdle. 

This problem extends beyond my creative expressions.  I have given away vehicles and furniture because I am not a salesman.  So how am I suppose to promote my book to those I know? And ask for money in exchange for it?

I am of the opinion that it's a great compliment for people to purchase your book. A book is not in the same category as food,clothes and utilities. It's more like a luxury and not a neccessary. So to give money to read about someone else's thoughts and expressions is kind of a big deal to me. And ..I believe in what I write.  I believe that my words can help others.

I understand that people place more value in what they purchase then what they get for free but this is definitely a sandpit I need to cross, mentally wise, to be successful in my endeavors. 

Any suggestions?

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Think of this: how many books do you have? How many of those authors asked you to buy their book? What persuaded you to buy those books?


You develop a platform. Relationships with others on social media. Getting out there and contributing to other sites/magazines, your own site. You can also place ads on Facebook. You don't need to ask outright. Just be yourself. When you develop relationships, others will be interested in what you do/write.


When you write, you use hooks. So, don't think of selling as "selling." Think of it as a hook of interest or help to others. Hope this helps a little. :D

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