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Catherine Rohsner

beta reader Need Beta Readers For Ya Urban Fantasy Novel

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Hello! I am in need of 3-5 beta readers to help me re-edit my novel, Fish Out of Water. It is already published on Amazon, but as I am revamping it, I am seeking some helpful feedback and suggestions on its content. I am especially looking for feedback on:

  • Overall flow of the book. How well does the plot drive forward? How can it be less repetitive/episodic? How can I bring out a plot more?
  • Particular scenes, romantic and Christian. How do they strike you? I am trying to avoid too much cheesines or preachiness.
  • Characters. Any thoughts.
  • Style.
  • Any other notes. Don't hold back! I'm looking for all your insights.


The book is about a mysterious and mythical boarding school set in Maryland as seen from the perspective of two mermaid princesses who get taken in there after a disastrous run-in with Hurricane Irene.


Book synopsis:


Margot “DeRieux” and Vivian “Turner” find themselves on the Chesapeake shores in human form after Hurricane Irene sweeps them far from their royal home in paradise. They have no choice but to attend the boarding school where providence has given them lodging. But something isn’t quite normal here. The mermaids-in-disguise cannot fully hide their strangeness, yet they are not the only ones who hint at the odd. Through various adventures, mishaps, and occasional near-death experiences, Vivian and Margot discover that life around them is not what it appears to be.




Please get in touch if you'd be willing or interested! Thank you!



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Hello Catherine,


I’m new to the beta reading realm, but if you’re willing I’d like to read your book. Please shoot me an email if you’re interested and we can discuss your vision and what ultimate message you’re communicating through the story. 




Kali Sciuto


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Hi Catherine! I know this is super late, but if you're still looking for beta readers, I'd love to read your manuscript. Sounds really interesting! I've never been a beta reader before, but I'm willing to give advice to the best of my ability!

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