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Hello everyone!


I'm a Christian middle grade author! I've been studying a lot about author marketing and how to promote your book, and one of the most common themes I hear is adding value to and getting involved in the writing community. I've begun to notice that this has become a challenge for me, because I'm a follower of Jesus before anything else, and many times I've run into issues where communities I've joined don't welcome my position as a Christian author.


I came across this site and was thrilled to find so many Christian authors! I look forward to getting more involved and learning how to grow in both my writing skills, and in a writing community of like-minded individuals who share my audience. (And some who don't but are still awesome writers and people!)


I look forward to getting to know you all!



D.P. Rowell

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Welcome to our writing family, DP. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing! :D

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