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Hello To All Christian Believers

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My name is Corinne and I am glad to have found this Christian Writers Forum. It seems that people in the world have lost their connection to God

I like to share my writings focusing on various bible verses to show that even today it is important and possible to believe in God. I hope I can make a difference. The bible is not out dated, nor  is it irrelevent. I look forward being a part of Christian Writers.


Blessed be the Name of our Father and Savior



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Welcome to our writing family, Corinne. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing! :D

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Thanks, for the warm welcome. Looking forward to being a part of the Christian Writers in 2019.


A Blessed New Year for everyone!


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