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Nicholas Reicher

What's Your Novel On?

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Talk about it here! Tell me all about your protagonist, your antagonist, etc.

I'm a serious plotter, but let me tell you, my novel almost derailed me on day one when it started going in a different direction all on its own!

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Well, providing it doesn't matter on whether the novel is one specifically for National Write a Novel Month, I do or do not have something to share.  I've just mostly put more emphasis on my writing this month so far and have managed three chapters per week, a very big accomplishment for me, with hopes of getting a fourth in this week.


Mine is a sci-fi novel that takes place within an increasingly dangerous galaxy.  To set it up here is a basic description of what is the central nation for this story:


Corinth is the home world of the Corinthian races, beast-like branches of the human race, and serves as the capital for Beast-Human settled worlds who have chosen to come together under the banner of the Corinthian Confederation.  The Confederation's governing body is called the Corinthian Central Government, or CCG for short, which also is used as an alternate name for the confederation as a whole.


Beyond the CCG lies the Corinthian Frontier, a large lawless area of space surrounding the CCG worlds that were settled during a period of unregulated and uncontrolled colonization of space.  So many people left Corinth during this period that the economy the CCG came dangerously close to complete collapse.


The Frontier had become increasingly dangerous as the half of the Frontier separating the CCG from the interior of the galaxy has been organized by two opposing powers.  In Quadrant 1 lies the Teresfall Empire, which was founded and ruled a renegade geneticist and scientist, Adravious Noroban.  Quadrant 2 has been increasingly dominated by the vicious Black Thorn pirates who have assimilated numerous other pirate and raider bands in response to the threat posed by Noroban to their interests.

The danger has escalated to the point where the only safe way to traverse through the Frontier is to be accompanied through the Median Trade Routes by escort fleets operated by the CCG.  If the situation were to degrade much further to escalate further, the CCG faces the possibility of being nearly being cut off from the rest of the galaxy.


The first book centers on the first meeting and coming together of a team at the CorCent Military Academy.  They are determined to make it into space together as Sanctioned Mercenaries capable of going wherever they're needed while at the same time operating under the rules and regulations set forth by the CCG.



The central characters in the book thus far are:
Tarvin Dracken - A gray Fox and the latest in a family of Sanctioned Mercenaries who had migrated to Corinth after a tragic disaster that he bares evidence of in the form of a long scar on the right side of his face.

Traken Zephier - A confident and cocky Badger with somewhat of a checkered past that landed him in a reform academy in his youth.  After reforming, he excelled and managed to test into CorCent, the top military academy in all of Corinthian Space.

Sharon Dell - A beautiful Ring Tailed Cat and an unlikely cadet who, beyond being the victor in a youth mixed martial arts competition, was also a champion gymnast, youth beauty pageant victor, and actress who participated in numerous plays and had minor roles in two movies.

Rufus Icelin - A technical genius and friend of Tarvin's who managed to get into the academy with hopes of leading a life other than being confined to a lab in his family's business.

Cosmos Firin - A genetically modified Corinthian Fox with pawed feet, two large wings, and unnatural coloration.  She was adopted by a top Corinthian General after being rescued from a black market genetics facility as a young child.  With the help and tenacity of her father, she was able to test and earn her way into CorCent with the hope of proving herself despite her status of a Mod.

June Suen - A genetically modified Corinthian Leopard of giant stature possessing immense strength and a massive twelve foot tale capable of being used as a whip-like weapon.  Like Cosmos, she was able to become eligible for testing with the help and backing of some influential backers.  Her dream is to be able to put her talents to use and help wherever she can.

Timpt Sirin - A Red Panda of small stature, 4'5".  At 18 he had already become a master of stealth infiltration under the instruction of his parents and adopted Uncle.  It was his antics and scheme of seeking out interesting individuals to potentially open new potential doors for his future that planted the seeds for the formation of the group.


Under the leadership of Tarvin Dracken, the group organized and entered into an academy system-wide tournament called the Grand Tournament Games.  After passing the initial testing they were given the name of Team 27 and became the first team of first year cadets to pass all required testing for formation of a team before their first semester ever began.


Drifters: Origins tells the tale as the members of Team 27 and other key figures work toward their goal of entering into space as a Sanctioned Mercenary team. It will cover the first year of their academy life.

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