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Hello! Easton Livingston here, lead navigator over at the RIU (Reality Imagination Universe).


It's been a little while since I've posted anything here. The reason for that is I've been busy doing that thing that writer's do: write. But I've also been doing many other things as well: editing, email list building, education, audiobook creation, and too many other things to list.


I've spent the past year getting my bearings, figuring out my system and process. I'm still not done all the way but I've learned much. Some failures, some triumphs. Always pressing forward though. The results? The arrival of Blackson's Revenge. Some of you may remember the cover here I posted for feedback months back. Well, we're in the stretch and I want to offer those who are interested an opportunity to join my ART (advance reader team) to get an advance copy of the book. 


Advance copies of my new book, Blackson's Revenge: The Poltergeist Files - Book I, is available for RIU Elites (my advance reader team). The official release is October 16, 2018. That means that October 15 is the last day to download the book for free for my ART and anyone else for that matter. Being a part of the ART means that you will be the first to get my books before they come out because you will be assisting me in creating a quality experience for all RIU Citizens as well as help expand the overall community.


What is Blackson's Revenge about and who is Adlai Blackson? You can find out by joining the RIU Elite team today. But to give you a hint, Adlai Blackson is a black Jason Bourne with a superhuman ability and a deadly attitude.


If this is something you'd be interested in, click on the link below and reserve your spot. Wait on my next couple of emails which will give you the link to go download your advance copy.


Join Easton Livingston's Advance Reader Team


Thanks again. Until next time, see you in the Tapestry!




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