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William D'Andrea

Pray For The End Of My Chronic Health Problems.

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I again ask for prayers concerning my health.  I have chronic problems with my digestion and urinary tract.  I'm on a high fiber diet, along with taking probiotic tablets for my digestion; Azo tablets for the urinary problems, and I've recently begun taking Zantac for gas relief.  Usually, those are enough to keep things under control.  This is one day when, I don't know why, but they haven't been enough.

I also take Focus Formula tablets for brain health.  That's right.  "Smarter Pills".  I found these to be much more beneficial than I'd expected.  They not only improve the conscious part of the mind.  They also improve the parts of the brain which control all the bodily functions.

I am 72 years old, and with all these nutritional supplements taken together, along with my walking about an hour a day, every day, at a vigorous pace, I'm usually in very good shape for a man my age.  I know I'm in much better shape than my father was at this age.  I think that's a good way to measure yourself.  I consider this all as blessings from the Lord.

However, this day, as I said, none of that seems to be enough.  I ask everyone who reads this to join me in prayer for the Lord's complete healing for myself and everyone else with the same problems.

Thank every one of you.

I ask in Jesus Name.  Amen.

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43 minutes ago, Chuck Kralik said:

Praying for you, now, William!

Thank you.

As soon as I posted that prayer request, my condition improved; and things are now back to the way they normally are.  Not completely healed, but comfortably under control.

I ask everyone to continue praying for my complete healing.

In Jesus Name.  Amen. 

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