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Locking keeps others from commenting. Why would you want to do it? On a current thread, I don't know. However, it does help on very old threads. Say you have a thread with some info in it but the person who started the thread and those who commented have long disappeared from the site. Locking it from comments is a good idea, seeing how no one from that thread will respond. Hope that helps. :D

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Lynn is correct. :) I'll add this to her answer:


1) I usually try to lock very old topics in the critique section. This is because they become outdated after a while. It wouldn't make sense for someone to put in the time and effort to critique an old request that may no longer be relevant. Better to put that energy into something more current.


2) If a discussion becomes heated I may choose to close it and give everyone a chance to cool down. This rarely happens, but it's worth mentioning.


3) Other miscellaneous reasons on a case by case basis.


Hope this helps!



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