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A Christmas Prayer

Donald James

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Come Lord,

as the infant you were in Bethlehem,

as the teacher you were in Galilee.

Speak to the veils before my heart,

to the dirt on my soul.


Come Lord,

as the friend at table,

in Bethany or the Upper Room.

Speak to my hatred and fears

that I might understand Your love.


Come Lord,

risen after long days of darkness.

Step out from the tomb of my sin.

Speak to me

with the voice of my shepherd.


Come Lord,

into a world that sleeps,

a world unprepared,

a world unbelieving.


Come Lord,

to the meek,

to the impoverished,

to the lonely.


Come Lord,

into a feeding troth,

with filthy rags and straw.

Come into my heart,

at times as cold and desolate as the manger

and claim me as Yours.




copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr


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