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The End Is Nigh


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Dear God, Where did the month go?  Whoosh! I didn't notice the weather changing. I didn't notice the calendar flipping, except in relation to my word count.  Some days were brilliant, Some, well, maybe I'm glad those days are gone.

Father, I've got only a few days left before I lay down this task, this vow I've made to myself to write a novel in a month.  It feels like I'm in the battle for my life. Do or die.  I'm pressed to the wall and wrung with sweat. My sword arm is on automatic pilot and I'm only reacting to the blur as I write, write, write.

Please, Father, hold me to the flame.  Burn inside me so I can keep going past what might have been my old stopping point..  Your Faith in me blows me away.  May it also keep me going to the very end, the eleventh hour on the 30th day when I lay down and look up from the page/keyboard.


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