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Dear God. Thank you for words like discombobulate, perseverate and extenuate. For tizziwobble, grand foible and gargoyble. Yes, Lord, I made some of those up. Thank you for the gift of coining new words.  Where would we be without Shakespeare's efforts to enrich our language? 

Thank you for all the poets and artists who have gone before us,who have not been afraid, who have not bowed down to the god of the lowest common denominator. Give us courage to raise the standard of vocabulary in our nation and world, and not give in to the god of market pressure.  Give us wisdom to use the treasures of words in just the right way, not to overwhelm our readers with our splendid intellect, to gain feathers in our caps.  This would be prideful, and we'd need all those rejection letters to bring us down a notch.  

You open our eyes with a word that shines in a sentence, that brings specificity of meaning and poetry to the mundane.  You are our Author, and we praise you as we write. 


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