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Dear God. In the beginning, when You called Yourself 'The Word', You knew there would be computers, desk top publishing programs, and the internet.  You knew that words would drive our world forward, and backward and You understand the impact of it all where we are left shaking out heads. .  

Like the hairs on our heads, You know how many words there are out there, how many more are produced every moment.  Who are we that we add to the noise?  

We are children of The Word.  When we write under Your inspiration, we add sweetness and melody, order and meaning to the chaos.  Just as The Word is timeless and limitless in scope and power, the words You give us reach times and places we will never know.  We set them free, this day, Oh Lord, to do Your will, Your Good and Perfect will.  From the moment before they are formed in our minds, to that time and place where they connect with a heart to bring healing and beauty, Lord, we acknowledge and celebrate that they are Yours.  Thank You for the inestimable gift of being Your instrument to get them out into the Wordiverse, the expanse where they are available.  



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