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Hi all, I am a first time author. Having written my first book, I am now on the adventure of discovery to get it published. I have created a blog about this journey to help others. By talking to as many new authors as possible I have found that some of those who have published are unhappy with both the results and the experience while some just never get that far. So I figured that blogging about things with the fresh eyes of someone completely new to the industry has got to beneficial. I would love to see comments from the wise and battle-hardened as to my thoughts and approach. I sure it would be a great blessing to everyone.



Somehow I can't post references to my blog as its only for established members! What are those and what do you have to do to become one?

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Lonny, it's basically what I posted in your Meet and Greet. When you make over 5 comments (with the new site, it may take 10), you'll become a full member. It's set up this way so spammers can't post a link and run. Sorry 'bout that. Just keep commenting. :D

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