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Sep 27, 2005

My mother asked if this was true, and this is how I answered her:

it sounds counter-intuitive. You’d think that the more you study, the easier it gets. Right now, the more I study writing, the more I realize I don’t know. Here’s a story to illustrate what I mean:

"Before long, the greatest scientific minds of the time were traveling to Schenectady to meet with the prolific “little giant”; anecdotal tales of these meetings are still told in engineering classes today. One appeared on the letters page of Life magazine in 1965, after the magazine had printed a story on Steinmetz. Jack B. Scott wrote in to tell of his father’s encounter with the Wizard of Schenectady at Henry Ford’s River Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford, whose electrical engineers couldn’t solve some problems they were having with a gigantic generator, called Steinmetz in to the plant. Upon arriving, Steinmetz rejected all assistance and asked only for a notebook, pencil and cot. According to Scott, Steinmetz listened to the generator and scribbled computations on the notepad for two straight days and nights. On the second night, he asked for a ladder, climbed up the generator and made a chalk mark on its side. Then he told Ford’s skeptical engineers to remove a plate at the mark and replace sixteen windings from the field coil. They did, and the generator performed to perfection.
Henry Ford was thrilled until he got an invoice from General Electric in the amount of $10,000. Ford acknowledged Steinmetz’s success but balked at the figure. He asked for an itemized bill.

Steinmetz, Scott wrote, responded personally to Ford’s request with the following:
Making chalk mark on generator $1.
Knowing where to make mark $9,999.

Ford paid the bill."

Right now, I’m Ford. In this metaphor, I own the plant, I’m capable of great, life-changing things, but I still occasionally need the help of genius experts to perform at my fullest potential.

But I want to be Steinmetz.

May 24, 2017
Great story!
$1 for Leoshine, Princess Oracle
$5 for the publishing costs
$20 for the years of labour on the story.
Seems like a deal to me!

I want to be Steinmetz too! Listening to the voice of the machine. Feeling the heartbeat. Knowing the internal structure so well that I can zero in on the trouble. Having community to help me implement the fix.

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