Apr 5, 2019

For any clicking the link, a snag has developed with Amazon. You can't buy the paperback on Amazon because they don't acknowledge that it's been released.

Until I can resolve this, you can buy the paperback a Barnes & Noble:
Apr 5, 2019
The first review is in for THE WIZARD'S STONE. It literally hits all of the things I was trying to accomplish with the story.
Apr 5, 2019

...a little update.

I've received about 4 reviews for THE WIZARD'S STONE across platforms, all of them either 4 or 5 stars.

Sales, in comparison to a year ago, are staggeringly good. In a period of time whose length was a little over a year, I can say - without reservation - that I've sold hundreds of books. Mind you, I'm in debt because of all of the advertising I've done, but it's clear to me that I've developed a following. In fact, by the end of this month (March 2023), I will have sold a third to a half of all of the books I sold last year (strictly paperback and ebook). I suspect that I sold out of the initial purchase of paperbacks that Amazon made for the release. On Amazon alone, I almost quadrupled my sales of ebooks compared to the same period last year. My ebook sales outside Amazon also quadrupled. And it appears that I have some sort audiobook following on Bibliotheca.

All this in less than a year.

More reviews / ratings are filing in for THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB, and they are 4 and 5 stars as well. In fact, with two books out, I've sold only slightly more ebooks with THE WIZARD'S STONE when compared to THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB. Honestly, I don't care if people read one or the other. All I care is that they are reading them.

I broke even with ad spending between March 1 and March 10, which is another milestone. Usually, I'm paying more for ads then I receive in sales.

Now I'm trying to expand sales outside Amazon. I'll be running limited time offers of eBook and audiobook sales for THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB during the year at places like Kobo, Chirp, Spotify, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and so on. So, if you're interested, follow my Facebook page, or subscribe to my website:

I will say that I am stunned by the response. Literally stunned. I was bracing for less sales than before, thinking this may be a real uphill battle. Now I'm just hoping I can somehow keep this momentum going.

And everything seemed to fall into place. I tried a test of putting ads in podcasts - that seemed to work out well. By Bookbub ads performed way better than expected, and my Facebook ads were hitting their marks too.

I just hope the book measures up to the bounty God has given me. The dedication in the book is to God, seeing that - technically - it's my first book (the foreword in THE WIZARD'S STONE explains this). Some of the themes explored in the book came about in some of the discussions we've had here.

Anyhow. That's all I wanted to say.
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