Poetry The True Meanings Of Holidays

Jesus sweet Jesus!

Many people think about your birth,

they read about your birth in the manger,

through some of the pages of scripture,

but one should keep reading,

to understand the whole picture.

Some think this is where Jesus started out.

This is not where His life started.

It started where no starts exist.

Our Lord always was, is, and will be.

The Us that was hovering over the midst,

The triune God, 

created billions and billions of galaxies,

the earth we walk on,

every creature we see,

the eyes we see them with,

are a tribute to His majesty.

He made the very spot,

where His cross would be raised up.

He made the beginnings for us,

and how our lives here will finish,

He knows the minuscule things,

and the huge moments of our days,

and He guides us through them.

I enjoy breathing,

with each breath You allow.

My heartbeats,

are a gift from your hands.

When I ponder Christmas,

I feel your tremendous love for us all.

When I dwell on Resurrection Day,

I think of the beautiful free gift of eternity you gave us.

When I consider the day of Thanksgiving,

I am overwhelmed with gratitude,

of every detail and blessing,

you have carefully created in our lives.

      Marc Fournier    (  T24-187   )  

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May 29, 2018
This is beautiful and thought provoking. I have come to believe that our 21st Century society has no clue about the meanings of these special days we observe.

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