Blog The Divine Undertow

The Lord giveth*, His Word pummels our shores.**
To the naked eye of the man-made-from-dust,
what God has said will be weighed on dry land,
yet the Lord taketh away*, His Word washes back
in undertows, back to His Throne, as the angels proclaim,
"Your will has been done, O sovereign God!
Your Word has not returned to You void^, for the earth
suffers the violence of the Spirit taking it by force!"^^
Inch by inch, the remnant sands, the enumeration
of Abraham's children by faith, are pushed
up and form a bulwark along all shores in every age.
The staging areas for the continued assault
on the prince of the air remain and are strengthened.
* Job 1:21
** Psalm 107:20
^ Isaiah 55:11
^^ Matthew 11:12; Matthew 16:18
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