So Long Jesus

Eyes bulged out of their sockets

Jaws dropped towards the floor

Hands over mouths

Necks stretched upward; heads tilted back

Their brains went dead

Their minds went blank

They looked at each other. It must be a dream

There he was.  And there they were still on the ground

Upward he flew like a rocket going to the unknown

Arms stretched forward

He was like the sun shining in its strength

With the clouds closing in on him

He opened his mouth as if to say goodbye

The dumbfounded sea of faces

Made up of sceptics, friends, and bewildered

Hung on to every word they could hear

For the gossips, friends, and sceptics to retell

All powers and authority belong to Me

He was not joking

This time they could not charge him with blasphemy

It was for real

This time He was beyond their reach

The faithful believed him

Took his commission seriously

They waited for the Father’s promise

And went on their assigned mission

To those who believe

He delegated power and authority

To do the works he did on earth

Only to those who believe in his name

That is to you and me.

© Titilola Blessings (aka Focus)


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