Prayer Request Sigh...

Mar 6, 2017
I wonder, would some of their women employees, say that they're pregnant, when they're not? Then they'd get the $4,000 payment, and go on a vacation, in a State where abortions are still legal.
Maybe someone should bring up that question to the Media?
Dec 9, 2021
Kroger has been peeing in my corn flakes figuratively speaking for about a year now. With what they've done to family and their social agenda. The bad news is that they are only one of 3 chains that are a reasonable distance away to get to regularly. The others being a very poorly/narrowly chosen inventory and high priced IGA and the other being an often out of stock Walmart. Going farther afield, I can find a Food Lion and an Aldi, but those are inconveniently placed being 45 minutes away or more.

I don't count dollar stores except for poor quality emergency essentials when I must.
I miss living in Northeastern WI where I often had 6-9 different chains fighting for my business, all excellently stocked.

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