Sharing a review I discovered today.

Apr 5, 2019
I can't post the actual Tweet for various reasons. However, I'll share the entire thread.

I recently read The Revenant and the Tomb by (Herman P., Hunter) and boy was it something.

If you love that Dungeons and Dragons style Fantasy that I do, this is a must-read. Snappy pacing, beautifully written, characters I enjoyed spending time with. High recommend.

Here's what it got right.
Hunter starts us immediately in the midst of a tense negotiation, where another threat is already developing. I read the first chapter of this during my last first-chapter-challenge and was gripped from the first paragraph.

The tale takes a kind of escalating structure, where our hyper-competent main cast face increasingly dangerous situations until things start to spiral out of control. I was never relaxed or at peace reading this, and the anxiety of each character is palpable.

It's a real heart-pounder, and that only works because Hunter has me caring about these characters. The main trio are all super-professional, highly-skilled adventurers. Some are immortal. A lesser author might write them aloof, distant - but they're vulnerable, human. The ending leads on to another adventure, part of a larger saga, and I'll be checking them out when I can.

I really loved this. Classic fantasy dungeon delving with a deeper story, laying the foundation for a brilliant series. Following this with interest. :cool:

Now...I'm under the gun to get the next installment out.
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