Prayer Request Prayers Please for Son

May 28, 2019
My adult son is going through a rough time at the moment.

He has mental issues and we have been trying to get a diagnose. Finally, due to him have a meltdown and the Mental Health Crisis Team being called in, they think he may have BDP - Broadline Personality Disorder - and have referred him for a formal assessment. if the assessment proves correct this will trigger the NHS to provide on going treatment and support for him.

The problem is that a) such an assessment could take 3-6 months to happen and b) he trashed his room in the share house last weekend due to a meltdown and now he is in under threat of eviction (by law landlords can't evict people with a formal diagnosed mental health issue so they usually do so on the grounds of damage). With a form statement of needs we are stumped to get him any support.
If I go private for the assessment it would mean the NHS would not provide the on-going treatment.

On top of that the Adult Social Services had closed his case because they do no perceive him as 'in need' so he no longer has a social worker. (I kid you not). Thankfully his doctor has got him back on meditation but it is only to a temporary measure to help him function while things get sorted out.
Prayers for him to stay safe and me calm would be appreciated.


Staff member
Feb 21, 2007
Oh, dear. I'm so sorry, Shamrock. Praying for the Lord to intervene and bring His best results for your son. 💓🙏
Jul 15, 2016
You and yours are going through a difficult time. My daughter had it, too. But there's hope. She got past it and I hope your son does too. I'm praying for you and him.
Feb 10, 2022
Praying. Did you mean "medication" or "meditation"? Only asking because I have seen/heard of 3 instances where this "breakdown" happened in a very traumatic, emotional manner...seems like the worst thing in the world at the time. But that horrible event resulted in the struggling person getting medical attention and medicine they needed, which they would have never sought on their own. Praying for a similar positive outcome.

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