Poetry My Days and My Years

My days,
each one a gift,
from you Lord,
the perfect Creator of all goodness.
With the days,
I have left,
I do not want to take,
my mind and heart off of You,
You bring me joy,
that is always full.
My years,
they are numbered.
When my body aches are many,
I realize,
that this life flies by faster,
than what I want.
I need your unfailing love,
it astounds me.
It assures me,
that one day,
I will never hurt again,
because being with You,
there is no more pain,
only Joy.

Marc Fournier ( M16-356 )
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Feb 21, 2021
Hi Suspense, thank you for catching that omission. Thank you for your comment about it as well. Marc

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