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Mar 6, 2017

Here are pictures taken several years ago, during my birthday celebration, at my sister's house.
The people in both photos, going from right to left, begin with me William D'Andrea (Most people call me Bill.) To my right is my friend Mike. To his right, at the end of the table, is my brother-in-law Joe. To his right, across the table from me, is Mike's daughter Diana. To her right is her mother and Mike's wife, Jill.
Behind the camera, the celebration's hostess, my sister who everyone calls "Paddy". Her real name is Ann Marie.
May all of you also have truly happy birthday celebrations, like what you see here.
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Mar 6, 2017
The advertisements point out what feature the advertised brand has, which makes it special.
I usually buy a package of six Scott Toilet Paper rolls, containing 1,000 sheets on each roll. On the package are the words, "Six Rolls Last Six Weeks".
I once pointed this out to a woman with who I attended the same Church.
She laughed, "Not in my house."
I told her, "Well that depends. It's relative. It depends how many relatives you'll have visiting over those weeks."
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Feb 21, 2007
LOL Thanks, Accord! I forgot to leave you a comment. I love those, especially the hike to school! 😅

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