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I just finished Matthew 13 in my Bible time this a.m. The last line is verse 58: *And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief*. Why? The answer is in verses 54-57 – He’d come home for a visit, taught in the synagogue, they were astounded at His teaching and their reaction was: “Ain’t He the carpenter’s kid? Who does He think He is? He grew up around here. We know His family.”

I see this from two angles. First, those of us who’ve been followers of Christ for a minute sometimes think we’ve got this God thing down pretty pat. *We know God.* We’ve seen Him bust some moves, do some things and we believe we know how He operates. But we don’t know everything, do we? And when the Lord breaks out, we, like Jesus’ hometown folks, miss it because God just doesn’t roll like that (although the Bible says He does).

I think that’s why I never had any interest in going to seminary or studying theology (the study of God). God has His own theology course: Psalm 46:10 – *Be still and know that I am God.* Transliteration? Slack up on the reins, observe and certify for yourself as a witness that I am God.

What we believe *about* God affects our faith *in* God. Jesus couldn’t do many mighty works in His hometown, not because He didn’t possess the ability to do so, but because of what folks believed they knew about Him, they didn’t believe in Him … and so, they didn’t come. Healing came to town and they remained sick. Deliverance was in town and they remained trapped. Light was in town and they remained in the dark. Miracles were in town and they remained in crisis. The Word was in town and they remained ignorant. Vision was in town and they would perish. The answer to their prayers was in town and they would never experience the answer. Unbelief. They didn’t come. He couldn’t help them.

Secondly, it works that way with followers of Christ. The new you is in town. Folks who knew you “when” are skeptical about this “new you.” They just don’t believe it. They just can’t do the “new you” and miss the benefits of being touched, prayed with, enlightened … experiencing the reason for the new you – Jesus. Oh, well, it happened to Jesus too. Keep doing the new you.

Time to break out of tradition and what we’ve heard and break into the Word – uhhh, that means ya have to read the Book. Really get to know God based on what He’s said about Himself. He hasn’t changed. Imagine what you’ve missed because you *thought* you had Him pegged. LOL Yeah. Really? And He hasn't been able to do many mighty works for us or through us because of our unbelief. 


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