Poetry I Pray for Them

Holy Spirit,
come flood over us,
and indwell us as You do.
We need You more every moment,
for it seems at times,
the world's non-God loving environment,
is strengthening and closing in.
A believer is blessed when the Holy Spirit is guiding them,
and navigating them through this world's muck and mire,
this would be impossible without God.
I see many people lost,
but not realizing they are lost without You.
I pray and feel a sense of real urgency for their states,
even though many may not feel,
they are missing anything without Jesus.
The evil one,
enjoys it when people,
are clueless about the need for the Savior.
While every person is a creation of the Lord,
and the evidence is apparent of God's handiwork,
all around them,
some will still not adhere to His love and offer.
The counterfeiter,
has made it look like his life he offers people,
will be better and more enriching.
His road brings a sense of all sorts of pleasures,
but this life is nothing more than illusions,
to waste away the time and days of the unsaved,
I pray for each and every soul,
who has not made personal commitment to You Jesus.
I pray about them,
so that they may turn to Jesus,
and live forever with Him.

Marc Fournier ( i29-377 )
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