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Jun 4, 2018
Hi @Rebecca , I'm starting a new thread as you requested. 😊

Based on the talk in Helping Hands, it's seeming like it would be helpful to have an option (maybe group members can toggle it on/off individually?) to get an email when you're tagged in the group or when a new thread is started. (Personally, I'd love to get an email every time I'm tagged on the site, regardless of if it's in HH or not. But I may be in the minority.)

Is this a possibility in the new system? Thanks for looking in to this!


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Sep 7, 2017
Hi @PenName - The best way to get notifications from the forum is to ask members to "watch" the forum. This has to be done by each individual member.

To do this, they'll need to go to the visit the forum and click the "watch" button in the upper left' It looks like this:


As an alternative, they can click this link to bring up the dialog directly.

Make sure to alter the settings to these:


Once each user submits that form with those settings they will be subscribed by email.

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