Have Kindle? My e-book is FREE starting Cyber Monday

Oct 15, 2022
Do you have a Kindle? Would you like to read my latest release for free?

Beginning Monday, November 28 (Cyber Monday for you online sales hounds ;)) and running through Wednesday, November 30th, you can download a copy of A Glorious Day in Hell: The Day Jesus Descended for free. Here's a link to the Amazon page: e-book

Ever wonder what Jesus did during the 3 days he was buried? It is said he descended into Hell (the first circle - aka Sheol, Limbo, etc.) and preached the gospel to the just pagans there. Ever wonder what it might have been like to witness this? Consider reading this tale of two Roman Legionnaires and friends who die and descend prior to Our Lord. They are present for His appearance, but will they be saved or are they doomed for all eternity? You have 3 days to find out for free beginning Monday.