Tech Support Community Rules' Alignment with Christianity

Apr 5, 2023
Tone. Would Christ's accusation of someone doing the work of their father Satan be allowed on the forum? Are rebukes, reproofs, corrections, and the seeming me-centeredness of daring to instruct in righteousness? Where is the dividing line according to the rules? Is the dividing line according to the Scriptures or according to the World's One-World ruleset about tolerance of all but those stand-offish Christians?

Just in general, as though you've never read a thing I've written. I'll leave the discussion short here, because it's so very important. Consider it well, please.


Staff member
Sep 7, 2017
If you're looking for fierce and spirited debate, CW isn't the correct venue. Most of us come here to find respite from the world and encouragement and peace among our brothers and sisters in Christ. We discuss writing and culture, and yes, doctrine, but in a more gentle tone.

From your previous posts, I get the impression you're looking for a robust debate on doctrine and to instruct others on the gospel. There are many sites suited specifically to this purpose. A quick search brings up a good list of sites specifically for Christian theology and debate. I recommend checking into one or more of those sites, as I suspect they're a better fit. :)

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