Beta Readers Beta Readers Wanted: Tales From the Dream Nebula #3

M. D. Boncher

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Dec 9, 2021
How do everyone.

I realized now that I didn't reach out here for my latest beta read to see who's interested in some Sci Fi pulp action.

My third novella for "Tales From the Dream Nebula" titled "The Waking Nightmares" is in progress. It's about 50k words long, and is fairly stand alone in nature. Meaning you won't have to have read the previous 2 books, but it can help. I feed enough info to get you up to relevant speed. It's a bit of a sci fi horror episode. Think "Aliens" meets "The Matrix Reloaded" meets "The Relic" with bonus skypirates.

I don't have a blurb written for it yet, but the synopsis is:

Former skytrucker Winston Harper and his mechoid partner loadmaster Billy Joe are recuperating from their injuries and hiding out on the skyland paradise of Puala'Lolo. They've become special retainers of the Baron Quentin Junker and his sister-in-law, Doctor Amanda Junker in an effort to keep poor Quentin out of danger as he gets back into galivanting about the Dream on his archeological quests to find humanity's true pre-Dream history.

Not everyone is happy that Quentin has escaped his incarceration by his enemies and one sent him a dangerous gift that releases an alien threat that could destroy the entire skyland of Puala'Lolo. Everyone must come together with some surprised interlopers who get roped into the battle to stop the invasive species. Meanwhile Winston discovers that someone has messed with his brain, installing things against his will and must deal with the violation of his mind.

Plus, what is the secret of those two heavily armored cases that have been turning up like bad pennies since book #1?

~ ~ ~

I'll get a better blurb later. This book is for the trade market, but being a Christian writer, there is a deeply buried Christian subtheme that will reveal itself over time.

So if you're interested in joining and providing feedback before the end of the month, please let me know and DM me your email and I'll set you up with a Book Funnel link for a download.

Thanks in advance for participating.