Beta Readers Beta Reader for Lent Bible Study Course


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May 28, 2019
I am looking for a beta reader with experience of writing small group material or devotionals for my 20K Lent bible study course.

The course consist of 15 sessions broken down into 3 x 5 sessions which can be studied independently of each other. Each sessions focuses on an event in the passions story starting with Palm Sunday and concluding at the sea of Galilee and the Great Commission. Each session is made up of

1. A fictional retelling of the event from the POV of a real or fictional character involved.
2. Questions for reflection on the piece and its relevance to us today.
3. A concluding prayer.

It has been beta read previously several times. What I am really hoping for is someone who can look at the questions (which are a new addition) and who can give me feedback on whether they work or not. I am not a theologian. The work is aimed at people either looking for a refreshing approach to studying the passion story or those who may not be familiar with it.

I am happy to beta read in return.
PM if you are interested.