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May 19, 2005
I just finished my second draft of Plague, Precept, Prophet, Peace. Its genre is Christian theology or eschatology. It is currently 38,000 words (about 145 pages at 6x9” trade paperback size). I could use a beta reader and am willing to reciprocate and read yours, if it is under 80,000 words. My tastes are Christian nonfiction, history, fantasy, or sci-fi.

My needs are simple: where is the book confusing and needs more or better explanation? This book is an expansion of a topic touched on briefly in my previous book, Peace, like Solomon Never Knew. However, I want someone who has not read that other book to be able to follow the argument in this one, even if I can’t prove all my assertions because I am building upon what was covered in that previous work.

The thesis of the book is that the plagues and commandments of Exodus define the structure of God’s judgment across time. This pattern is then executed against Egypt, Israel, the Church, a string of ten great empires, and in Revelation 16, against the whole world. It also shows how the Ten Commandments correspond to the times and seasons of Ecclesiastes 3.

I plan to publish this book within the next few months.

The target reader is a Christian layperson who is well-versed in the Bible. My denominational outlook is Baptist, but that does not factor in too much here. The view of eschatology that I am developing may be classified as historicist.

My focus is on the wisdom literature of the Bible and church history. My previous book was about Ecclesiastes. The one before that was about Job. This book has more to say about Job and Ecclesiastes, in addition to material from Exodus.
May 28, 2019
OK - it sounds interesting but.... (forgive me) ' a christian layperson who is well-versed in the Bible' Hum.

I would say this is probably more for the evangelical market than the middle road.
Good luck.

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