Best Selling Christian Books

Apr 5, 2019
Mike Portnoy tells a similar story about the making of Dream Theater's SCENES FROM A MEMORY, created after FALLING INTO INFINITY, a commercial success that the band felt was too commercial. They decided to self-produce their next album, a concept record that the suits hated but the fans adored, and whose success was good enough to allow the band to self-produce their own music thereafter.
I loved that album.
Dec 9, 2021
Actually, I think that’s an excellent question. If you write what you love or fear, or wonder about, what compels you, even if it never sells well or becomes “popular,” the creation will still be a deeply satisfying experience.
I can only hope that my books are able to grow over time and beyond my life. They are my legacy in many ways, and I hope that God uses them well into the future. Someone once told me they believe these books will still be around in the Millennial Reign. Makes me wonder how my stories would be received then.

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