A Title / Cover Reveal of my upcoming book.

Apr 5, 2019
cool production. Did you do those voices or pay someone to do that? Nice
Thanks. I did the first voice you hear when the video starts ("It is time for you to make your way in the world").

The other voices were done buy the person who narrated THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB audiobook (and is slated to narrate THE WIZARD'S STONE), and another Brit I know who will be narrating my sample chapter (which you will be able to listen to on my YouTube channel, when the video is complete).

I recorded the voice using Audacity (free), trying to sound like an old man. Then I changed the pitch and used a little filtering to change the dynamics.

The thing is, aside from the flare effects my son added to the cover reveal, videos like this can be done with tools that are free to use. The only thing I paid for was the sound effects I used to create the "soundtrack," the woman laughing in the background, and the creature noise near the end.

Various sounds can be purchased from Amazon for around $0.99. I have a subscription to Adobe Stock, which costs, but I end up using it to make promotional videos anyway, so I see it as an investment. That being said, you can get sounds and music from YouTube for free as well.

All in all, as far as components are concerned, I probably spent less than $10.00 all told.
Oct 20, 2020
nice. love that you were creative and found those solutions. good work (and thanks for sharing for all of us to learn). Good luck and blessings with this book!