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Sep 27, 2005
I have a little thing I wrote years ago to share with couples at their wedding. One of the things I mention is about crafting your legend. I imagine the best, most Godly version of myself, and try to do the things that avatar did to bring glory to God. (My desire is, when I pass, that those who knew me, both friends and enemies, would think of me as a Godly man. If I do everything looking through that lens, it helps to order my life. I'm never going to perfectly capture that aesthetic, but if I don't strive to hit that mark, I'll never get close.) Keeping this, along with the Golden Rule, as my guiding principles, I find I am more easily persuaded to do the right thing (and I almost always need to be talked into doing the right thing, heh, if I'm completely honest, but the more I obey, the easier it is to talk me into doing the right thing, and I regularly ask God to help me to be pliable).

tl-dr, pray for God to lead your path and then follow Him to craft your legend!


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Feb 21, 2007
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That is awesome, Johne! And well worth copying in our own lives. Thank you! ::D
Oct 11, 2022
This reminds me of when I was going through my obsession with Maya Angelou's writings. I read everything that she had written. The books containing her life's journey are so detailed that when I met her, years ago, I felt like I knew her. I even aspired to be as great a writer as she was. But, the more I allow the Holy Spirit to shape me into the "new creation" the less I want to be like anyone other than Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures that teach us that "we are dead and it is, now, Christ living through us are wonderful reminds of what people SHOULD see when they look at us. We must reflect the WORD in our flesh. Something that only His indwelling Holy Spirit can do.....when we let Him. To surrender more to Him while "crucifying our own flesh" is not easy. But, with GOD all things are possible. Amen?

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