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Oct 8, 2012
So I had a close call with severe weather today.

I set out on a bike ride after lunch, which is something I regularly do. We have a very nice paved rail-trail in town that extends into several surrounding towns. I take it about 13 miles out and then turn around.

Today was warm and humid with showers expected later in the day. I checked the radar before I left and everything was clear. The outbound ride was fine and I reached my typical turnaround point. Things were going well, and I considered extending my ride another 3-4 miles to the end of the trail. But something told me not to push my luck, as I was mostly concerned about exerting myself too much on a hot day.

As I started back, I noticed some dark clouds flanking me on my left. It looked like the start of some rain so I picked up the pace a bit. For a while everything was fine. At points I could see darker clouds mixed with bright skies. Most of the trail cuts through wooded areas.

As I closed in on my town-line, it stared sprinkling. No big deal, so I continued to pick up the pace. I figured the weathermen were wrong again and showers were starting to pop up earlier than predicted. It was hard to judge where things were heading, but it was light precipitation. I've been caught in showers before. No big deal, but it's not really that much fun to bike in the rain.

The rain continued to pick up as I closed in on my town center. I started to hear distant rumbles of thunder. Not a great sign. I emerged from a tree-covered portion of the trail to see that everything was wet around the center of town. The rain had let up and I only had a short ride home. That's when I looked back to where I had come from and noticed the entire horizon was nearly black with storm clouds. It looked like the end of the world was closing in.

I arrived home a short time later and looked at the radar. This is what I was unknowingly racing the whole time:


Five minutes later the wind started howling, a wind-driven tropical downpour erupted, and vivid lighting danced all around. We here rocked by numerous close lighting strikes and the wind nearly blew the trees sideways. I'm still checking, but we might have experienced a microburst. There have been reports of several down trees across roads. The lighting detection system showed numerous strikes around (and over) the rail-trail that I had just traveled. It was one of the most intense storms we've had in a while, and it all just popped up.

I know that if I had taken the trail a little further, I would have been in some serious trouble on my return trip. That little voice from God nudged me enough to make a very wise decision. I've been riding this trail for years and nothing like this has happened to me before.

I think I also set a personal speed record on the return leg. 🚴‍♂️

Thinking of a way to work this into a future story...

William D'Andrea

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Mar 6, 2017
I thank the Lord for protecting you. In Jesus Name. Amen.
According to the map you've posted, it looks like you're in New England, where there's been a lot of extremely bad weather. In many regions, all over the Country, the weather has been disastrous. Also, all around the World.
However, one place where those disastrous things haven't been happening, is here on Long Island, east of New York City, where I live. The weather hasn't been any different than usual this year. The week before this, there were four hurricanes out in the Atlantic Ocean, but they remained away from the East Coast. There is now Hurricane Lee approaching from out in the Atlantic, but is predicted to turn northward, and stay away from the East Coast.
There also hasn't been any major increase in crime, here on Long Island.
All this makes me wonder if the Lord is protecting us Long Islanders. If so, I truly thank Him, but I also wonder why. We're no better or worse than anyone else, anywhere else. So why is the Lord keeping us safer, far beyond so many others?


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Oct 11, 2022
Storms can be scary events! Your story reminded me of something, similar, that happened to me in my childhood. I was about 9 years of age, and my brother, David was 8. One night, a storm was really blowing the trees around and the wind was blowing so hard, the rain was falling sideways instead of down.

I peeked out of our front door and noticed that because the rain was going sideways, it was not getting on our porch.
I went and told my brother. Being the "dare-devil" that he is: David went and grabbed a small blanket and stood on the porch. I decided to join him. Where were our parents this whole time? I couldn't tell you. I only remember the thrill of being able to be in a storm and not getting wet. But, our adventure would soon come to a scary end.

While we were standing on our porch, suddenly, a big lightening bolt struck a huge tree of one of our neighbors across the street. And, as me and my brother watched the tree's falling, our little eyes widened as we watched its roots lift, almost, the entire front porch up towards the blackened night sky. The flashes of lightening only added to the drama. We were terrified!😬😬

For a brief moment, it seemed as if we were too scared to move! We watched as it fell apart like the emptying of a box of wooden matchsticks.
Finally, we came to our senses,ran back into the safety of our house, and locked the door! What started out as a "childhood adventure" turned into a brush with danger we hadn't planned on!😬

As the late blues singer, B.B. King, once sang - "The Thrill Is Gone."😄
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Oct 8, 2012
I'm still amazed at the reports of damage around the area. Many trees blew over (some into houses and cars) and several sections of town are still without power (2 days now). The trail that I ride on is impassable with numerous downed trees and limbs. I could've been in the middle of that.

The bullet I dodged now seems more like the size of an artillery shell. Thankfully no one was hurt.

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