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  • Who Needs Jesus

    Would it be ok if I just shared something here. This is a poem I wrote that is actually a part of my story "The Body of Chris" . It is my take on what I would call a "Beat Poem" ( think beatniks of the 60's with berets and John Lennon glasses all snapping their fingers instead of applauding ) I hope you like it. 


    " Who Needs Jesus " 


    Who needs Jesus
    Jesus, who sees us
    Who frees us
    To be us
    The we that He 
    Wants us to be, us

    The 9 to 5 us
    The dead and alive us
    The hip and the jive us
    The husband and wife us
    The sighted and blind us

    The "I'm lost please come find me " us 
    The " I haven't got time to make up my mind " us 
    The rich and the poor us
    The virgin and whore us
    The "Please,  I want more " us 
    The night and the day us 
    The "I'll do it my way " us
    The "I'll say what I want to say" us
    The " I'll lay with whom I want to lay" us
    The straight and the gay us
    The sinner and saint us 
    The strong and the faint us
    The "I'm not really as dark as they all want to paint " us


    Who needs Jesus 
    The Jesus 
    Who sees us
    Who frees us to be us 
    The we the He wants us to be , us 

    The me and the you, us 
    The Muslim and Jew us
    The chosen are few us
    The " Who the (bleep) are you to tell me what to do " us


    It's all in His name , us 
    The different and same us
    The " I'm living with shame" us 
    The "Who can I blame?" Us
    The wild and tame us

    The you and the I , us 
    Who all live and die , us 
    Who laugh 'til we cry, us
    The "Don't say Good-bye" us
    The " Why God , oh why?" Us

    We need Jesus
    We need Jesus to see us 
    We need Jesus to free us
    We need Jesus to help us to be us
    You and me 
    We need Jesus


    Critique is always welcome. "Iron sharpens iron" as they say. 


    Thank you

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