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  • What Is Judgement. A Though Experiment.

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    What is the Judgment?


                In our world we have a growing evil that our society is forced to deal with on a daily bases either directly or indirectly. For the whole of my life I have always heard from people who were well meaning in their efforts to help - that “God will get (that person) in the end, God doesn’t like ugly, Don’t you worry about that man right now charles, – He’ll stand before God and he’ll have to answer to him for what he did.” As a human being, I really didn’t find it all that comforting coming from a well-meaning person be them relative or friend. Not when I am in pain, or at a loss of “What do I do now?” state of mind.


                As the days of our lives go on and on we are seeing the world around us inventing new ways of accepting and promoting the same old evil, even glorifying it in a lot of cases. And still it does not ease the pain of what we see, experience, observe and hear about. Grief is what bears on my heart many times, because; what happened - cannot be changed, cannot be healed by me or us as a whole. So what are we to do here? Keep preaching the same platitudes to one another? No, what God has been bringing me to understand is that he really does have our side of things here and we are to trust him even when you and I do not understand. And in my spirit I asked how do I do that, when I am having to deal with the left overs and after math of the offence here with me on earth and all around me? The child’s rape, the drunken beating and incestuous relationship, the rape of our hearts when our partner go to someone else and divorce happens, The loss of a loved one from an odd occurrence or the loss of money, a job or home from an unscrupulous person. These are real life hurts and pains and we want real life answers to them.


    It comes down to two things here. Either we as human beings will have forgiveness in Christ or we will have judgment by Christ. Outside of this there is nothing else. No matter who you are. God does not want you to die in your sins/crimes but be forgiven. No one!


    (i. e.) If Hitler came to know Jesus Christ as savior before he died, (Which, in truth is possible,) that means, that you and I will have Adolf as a brother in Christ with us in heaven for eternity. Are you going to stand before Christ and say that it is not fare! He murdered and burned over 6 million Jews and others of our world. Jesus himself might turn to you and say. It wasn’t fare that you were saved and forgiven either, Right?




    Mercy = is not receiving what you do deserve. And,

    Grace = to receive what you do not deserve.


    If that standard does not apply equally to all of mankind then God is unrighteous and shows partiality. Do you really want to follow that type of God, let alone be judged by him? And if you honestly believe that God, the Father of Jesus the Christ and creator of all of mankind, who is Holy, Holy, Holy is right and Holy in all that he does. Then ought you to trust him when you do not understand his mercies towards someone that should and deserves judgment and condemnation to the Lake of Fire? OH! That would be you and “I” – wouldn’t it?


     Because IF YOU DO NOT trust him in this, then you need to check your passport you have when it comes to getting into heaven. Does it say “Because of Christ alone?” If it does not have it then you are in very, very big trouble and the judgment occurring on someone else is the least of your worries. Check to see if you are in the faith of Jesus the Christ and understand why you are there, first of all, before you go on to read this to the end.


                What is judgment and far more importantly what is it going to be like to stand before God in his judgment of you? I have stood before a judge here in our society and I have stood by as a witness in a military judgment trial. Both are scary and frightening in different degrees and magnitude. The main point of the judgment is to get to the truth of the matter and render justice to one side and condemnation to the other. But, what of God’s judgment? How is that going to be to us as the human being that we are?


    For one, God judges the motivations of the person and where in our limited understanding of the situation that occurred his is a complete understanding of who did what, why did they do it, and was it motivated by something or someone and to add the Spiritual aspects to this, some other being with malevolent intentions involved in the matter. I honest believe there might be far more unintentional event seen at the judgment then we have considered. And what is not seen or even reflected in our own minds, we will now see the  working of God’s Spirit and God’s angels helping us and that person next to us, moving us and that person next to us and shielding us and that person next to us. I am trying to make a subtle point here. It will not only be just you judged but we will see everyone and everything around us as well in context to that point of our lives.


                But you might ask, “What of those that commit high crimes and violent crimes. The tortures, the rape, the abuse, the theft and destruction and utter abandonment – left to the side of the road and gutter when no one will hear or do anything about it? What about those who get away with it and are never caught and held responsible for their actions?” In this, I have to say with great fear and trembling there is going to be a retrial or in some cases a trail of the person for the first time. Why do I say Fear and Trembling?


    God teaches us that when we die, we are either already condemned or we are justified by Christ.  We die and then we go to where we wait for our judgment. Heaven or hell. That is why we have the *two Judgments afterwards. You see when we die we are not judge right away. We go to where we have decided to go to. In the parable of the Rich man and Lazarus, There was no judgement that happened. We see them in a place, waiting. Waiting for what you might ask? For the judgment to occur. The *judgment seat of Christ is also called the Bema seat of Christ. This one will be ONLY for those who know Christ as their redeemer and savior. *The other judgment is called the Great White Throne Judgement. This one will be for all who have never known Christ and have rejected God and or his Christ (** See note at bottom) during the time of Christ. It is here that the new trails and the first trails for those that “got away with it” will happen. The man and or woman who never stood trail, who was never held accountable for their actions will be held to the purest of the pure truth of God’s Holiness and absolute righteousness. I want to point out to the reader of this Letter and ask another question here, so you can have something to think about.


    Why is it called the “Great White Throne” anyway?

    I believe, it is because that it is the purest of the pure, total all-consuming fire of God’s Holiness. God lives in another dimension of reality, (Spiritual as it is called) while we live in time and space, an earthly, (fleshly existence). And it is here the Spiritual dimension that we are brought to. Absolute Spirit, Absolute truth, Absolute-ly in your face, the blinding light of his eyes upon you and what you did and when you did it, then, why did you do it in the first place. A pastor (Winkey Pratney) once said, “Though we live in a world of people, we die and face God and his judgment all alone.” Though that sound great, I cannot agree with it because of what God’s word says. The bible tells us throughout the gospels that, “It will be more tolerable for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah than for those cities around Jerusalem in his time. That Sodom will rise up and accuse this generation (that of Jesus’ time)”. That implies, that it is not just God who will being seeing the truth but the world as a whole will be seeing your life. They, the world, in all of history will stand up and be witnesses against you. If Sodom will rise up against those of Jerusalem of Jesus’ time, then both will they also not rise up (ie)  Jerusalem against our generation of America (i e) You and I? We, who have 2000 years of history to look back on? We, who have the internet to translate, check and double check the truth of a matter? In fact both sides of the Bible old and new. We, who can search for ourselves the word of God in any shape, form, style, and language? And if we see that Sodom and Gomorrah will rise up, then will not the generation of Noah’s time also rise up, who died in the flood because of the evil they had done that cause their own judgment and death in the first place? 


    Now to bring a bit of hope or better yet Redemption into all of this.


    Every man, woman and child has misunderstanding, unintentional actions, the ignorance of a situation, the blind, deaf and dumb things we have committed to each other and in the process hurt others by our actions. Our wives, husbands, children and our family and friends of our lives. What we did and have done will all be revealed to everyone. That joke you meant to make the other person laugh but cause them pain. That situation you didn’t think was very important, but was to them and they hated you for it. The time when you look back at the divorce and ask him or her to forgive you. For any a number of things of going too far in your friendship, sexual relationship or took advantage of a situation to satisfy your lust, of money, power or authority and crushed the other person and or their spirit, and lives, etc. etc. The time you were just a stupid, immature uninformed individual that needed to grow up for a few years first before having that relationship with the other person and now you live with a mountain of regret that the evil one uses as a knife or hot iron in the wound of your life. For them to see how the evil one keeps replaying the same scene of your life accusing you over and over driving that knife further and deeper into you thus pushing you away from them so there is now no path of restitution or rebuilding of the relationship.


    Know and understand this. That in the day of Judgement with everyone there around you. The truth will come out for them as well. They will now know you really didn’t mean to say or do and not do that thing that hurt them so very much. They will see the spirits and demons around the both of you manipulating, lying, accusing, torturing and twisting the knife that “they” put into you in the first place, and now are using the other person to put a cup of salt into the wound just to drive you apart. To steal, kill and destroy what you have together.


    They will see the truth of how much you loved and cared for them and they – you. I firmly and quite honestly believe the sorrow, and grief we all live with today with be a testimony to others when they see it for the truth that it is in the Day of Judgment. Those times because of the miles or damage or even because of death they are no longer here, when you ask that person to forgive you, all the while trying to forgive yourself while you are driving or flying or just walking and remembering that occasion. Your heart flies to heaven in joy when you think of them or to the depths of pain and sorrow for the pain that exist in you. Of how things could be different if given the chance. They will see and understand the truth in that Day of Judgment. Of how they have been tormented by the evil one then used because of that torment to hurt you mistakenly and maybe unknowingly will be revealed.


    Understand, when you speak to them in your heart in that quiet moment of your life as you think back to that day out of grief, loss, love, sorrow over the many years, There in the day of judgment they will finally hear the truth of your love for them and the sorrow you bare for what happened to them. There in the Day of Judgment, God will make everything understood and right in his truth. The child that hated you for leaving, the spouse for not believing you, for the friend who you lost to that terrible situation that, if you could, you would go back in time and change things to lift the pain they bore for so long and charged against you for the pain.

    Oh. Yes. The Day of Judgment will be very, very terrible. The grief and loss of all those around us who didn’t receive Christ.


    Then there is going to be the great revelation of the truth to one and all for the love that was hidden, stolen and or destroyed because of the evil one in our lives and now Christ has recovered and given back to all of you, to all of US. In judgement it goes both ways. Truth will be displayed for the criminal just as it will be displayed for the redeemed in Christ.


    ** (Please remember, this point will be on what they knew and how they responded to what they knew. As in those who lived in the island of the Pacific, Russia, Alaska, England etc. before the time the gospel had gotten to them. They will be judged for how they responded to the knowledge of God around them, no different than the children of Israel before Christ.)


    C. P. Beanland

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