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  • The Lord's Discipline And Punishment

    Jesus disciple
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    Anyone  who  says  God's  children  doesn't  face  hard  times  in  life,  well,  you  should  know  such  person  is  saying  nonsense, there  is  no  such  thing  as  a  life  in  Christ  Jesus  without  trials,  even  Jesus  taught  us  so,  for  each  day  has  enough  trouble  of it's  own,  it  might  not  be  actual  trouble,  just  things  to  test  your  faith,  but  we  fret  not,  for  through  His  faith  we  are  kept strong  till  our  final  day  on  earth.


    Now a days many prefer being  lazy  Christians,  they  want  an  easy  life,  yes  everyone  wants  an  easy  life,  but  an  easy life  in  Christ  is  always  accompanied  with  trials and these trials  are  also  the  root  of  our  joy,  our  testimony in Christ Jesus.  These  trials are  there  to  support  us,  to  make  us  know  where  we  are  coming  from,  who  brought  us  out  and  where  He  is  leading  us  to, they're there to build in us, a more intimate relationship with God.


    Many  wants  to  preach  blessing  and  prosperity  without  teaching  how  to  receive  and  live  with  the  giver  of  all  these. And when  you  don't  have  Jesus  in  your  heart,  whatever  blessing  you  receive  is  from  the  devil  and  it'll  never  last,  it'll  bring  you more  pain  in  the  long  run,  while  the  sufferings  for  Christ comes with  peace,  such  that  the  world  cannot  give.


    The  suffering  of  others  increases  day  after  day,  because  they  have  forgotten  the  reason  for  their  creation,  they  have forgotten  who  created  us  and  neglected have Him,  because  they  thought  they  can  do  everything  on  our  own.  The  sufferings people  face  today  are  numerous  be  it; sickness,  poverty,  frustration, depression,  just  name  it,  but  all  these  are of one  cause  " sin." When a man sins against  God,  God  turns  His  face  away  from  him,  leaving to  do  as  he  pleases,  and  he  doesn't  just  do  as  he please  he  does  the  will  of  his  father  the  devil.


    The  world  is  in  great  peril  today  not  because  God  wants  it  to,  he  is  never  happy  about  it,  but  turning  away  from  Him,  He has  delivered  men  unto  the  hands  of  Satan  to  bring  sufferings  upon  them,  these  sufferings  He  gave  men  into,  aren't  just there  to  make  him  suffer,  but  that  they  should  realize  that  there  is  a  God  who  can  deliver  them  from  that  which  is tormenting  them, only  if  they  can  surrender  their  hearts  back  to  Him  in  sincerity.


    It  doesn't  matter  whether  you  are  rich  or  poor,  weak  or  strong,  as  long  as  you  don't  have  Christ  you  have  an  unnecessary burden  to  carry  in  life,  making  you  have  no  peace,  no  matter  how  rich  one  can  be,  he  can  be  plunged  with  deadly  or incurable  diseases,  he  can  go  bankrupt  immediately  no  matter  how  much  wealth  he amasses,  no  matter  how  far  you succeed  in  life,  finish  from  the  best  university  in  the  world,  attain  one  of  the  highest  position,  God  can  send  you  crashing to the  ground  just  to  make  you  remember  Him.


    Whether  you  are  a  celebrity,  it  doesn't  matter,  everyone have  that  which  is troubling  them,  and  the  worse  that  can  ever  happen  is  refusing  to  change  at  the  end  and  winding  up  in  hell. The  sufferings  of  the  wicked  will  cause  them  to  perish,  only  if  they  decide  to  remember  their  God  (  God  calls  them wicked,  because  anyone  who  does  not  do  His  will  is  His  enemy  ).


    The  sufferings  of  others  brings  nothing  but unnecessary  pain,  a  hymn  writer  wrote  these  words;


    " oh  what  things  we  often  forfeit,  oh  what  needless  pain  we  bear,  all  because  we  don't  carry  everything  to  God  in  prayer."


    Some people  will  call  suffering  " hustling "  thinking that,  at  the  end  when  they  get  to  the  top  they'll  tell  of  their  past,  well  call  it whatever  you  like,  it  doesn't  matter  as  long  as  you  don't  stop  cursing  God  by  continually  living  in  sin.  If  you  don't realize  your  suffering  is  to  make  you  remember  who  you've  forgotten,  then  you'll  continue  suffering  and  suffering, even  when  you  get  to  the  top,  a  new  grade  of  suffering  will  come,  as  you  level  up,  a  new  boss  of  suffering  will  be  there waiting.


    A prophet  once  said;


    " even  though  you  have  all  the  money,  instead  of  spending  them,  they  will  spend  you,  because  you'll spend  it  all  on  things  you  don't  want, like; sickness,  debt  and  son  on."


    God  uses  the  worst  possible  scenario,  be  it  prison,  or  death  of  someone  close  to  us,  to  punish  us,  all  for  us  to  go  back  to him.


    We humans are just  like  the  Israelites,  the  cure  is  very  simple,  turn  back  to  your  God  and  He'll  remember  you  and  take away  your burden.  But  the  world  is  so  filled  with  evil,  the  hearts  of  men  have  been  corrupted  by  evil  to  indulge  even  more  in it,  they'll  say;


    " If you  aren't  smart  you  can't  survive  in  this  life."


    This  life  is  just  a  passing  through,  all  of  the sufferings  you  are  going  through,  they  all  direct  and  dictates your  path and where  you'll  end  up,  in  hell  or  in  God's  kingdom. And  when you've  depart  this  world  it'll  look  as  if  this  world  didn't  exist,  then  you'll  realize  they're all  vanity  upon  vanity  to determines  where  you'll  wind  up.

    1peter  2:8

    " They  stumbles  because  they  disobey  the  message,  which  is  what  they're  destined  for."


    The  lord  punishes  us  when  we  go  astray,  not  because  He  is  wicked,  but  because  He  created  us  to  become  His  sons,  and in  other  of  fulfill  that,  He  makes  us  face  despair  until  we  come  to  our  sense.


    The  Lord  discipline  those  He  loves  and  punishes  those  who  are  His  sons.  He  punishes  those  who  are  in  the  world  to  call them  back,  but  for  those  who  are  born  of  God,  He  chastises,  He  disciplines,  why? Because  we  are  children. Once  a  child,  we need  to  be  disciplined,  a  child  can't  grow  on  his  own,  because  he  has  little  sense  of  the  world  around  him,  and  so  it  is  the duty  of  the  father  to  discipline  him  when  he  is  going  astray,  these  discipline  are  not  to  punish  him,  but  to  keep  him  on  the right  path.


    Most  Africans, their father  has  disciplined  them in  one  way  or  the  other,  to  keep  us  in  the  path  they  thought  was  right  for us,  even  if they  were wrong at times, but  all  the  same, when  a  child  is  disciplined  by  the  father  no  matter  how  many  times,  the child  doesn't  hate  the  father,  but  still  runs  to  him. He  might  not  see  the  result  of  his  discipline,  but  when  he  has grown,  he  will  not  depart  from  that  which  he  has  gotten  from  the  father.  Our  earthly  parents  disciplines us  for  their  own good  and  we respected  them  for  it,  how  much  more  should  we  submit  to  the  Father  of  our  spirits  and  live!


    As  i  said, a  man  born  again,  is  a  child spiritually  and  so  he  need  to  be  disciplined,  he  need  to  be  taught  and  guided  by  God,  that  when he  has  grown  to  become  a  son  to  inherit  from  his  Father  he  will  be  fully  grown  having  knowledge  of  that  which  pleases the  Father,  he  will  never  be  able  to  depart  from  the  ways  of  the  Father,  he  lives  and  does  everything  to  please  Him.


    Still  a  child,  no  matter  his  discipline,  can  still  see  the  father  as  wicked  and  go  the  wrong,  path,  this  is  where  the  Antichrist comes  from,  for  they  were  from  amongst  us.  The  Antichrist  we  see  today  are  not  unbeliever, but  people  who  have  tasted of the  spirit  of  God  and  has  fallen  astray,  oh! how  difficult  it  is  for  them  to  turn  back  to  God.  Not  being  able  to  face  God, the  devil  then  uses  them  to  fight  against  God's  kingdom,  this  is  were  all  sort  of  false  doctrines  and  false  teachings  came from.


    A Christian  faces  difficulties  in  life  not  to  frustrate  him  but  to  build  a  closer  relationship  with  God  and  to  prepare  him  for the  things  ahead  God  has  in  store  for  him,  for  he  will  not  take  you  to  a  new  height  when  he  hasn't  prepared  you  for  it.


    God  might  discipline  us  children  in  so  many  ways  based  on  the  height  of  our  faith, based on how much we have grown,  it  might  be  to  humble  you  when  you're become  proud,  just  like  Paul,  it  might  be  taking  away  all  your  wealth,  to  make  you  realize  He's  the  one  who  gives  and takes,  He  might  stop  you  from  going  far  in  life  for  some a while,  until  you  come  back  to  Him  so  that  His  true  purpose  for your  life  will  be  fulfilled,  and  His  true  purpose  for  us  to be closer to Him, so we can work and strategize with Him for  the  expansion  of  His  kingdom.


    Take  my  life  for  example,  sometimes  when  i  do  look  back,  i  always  thank  God  for  making  me  write  college  entrance exam  five  times,  if  he  hadn't  stopped  me  for  five  years  i  wouldn't  be  where  i  am  today  in  Christ Jesus.  I  wonder  what  would have  happened  to  me. At first I  decided  to  follow  Him  out  of  fear  of  death,  (  because  gospel  bring  judgement  )  I did  try,  but  for  years  i  went  back  into  the  world.  It  was  until  I  got  to  my  finals  in  high  school,  i  had  already  planned  my  life,


    " since  i  am  intelligent,  I'll  get  into  college in one shot," I thought.


    But  since  I  wasn't  following  Him,  He  stopped  me  for  five  years  until  i  came  to  my  senses.


    The  moment i  decided  it  doesn't  matter  whether  I  fail  ten  times,  I'll  get  a side job  and  still  live  for  God,  that  was  the  moment He gave  me admission into college. He  did  it  in  a  way  that I'll be able to tell  that  He's the  one  who  did  it,  and  that  he  has  a  purpose  planned, designed and orchestrated  for  me, not of the ambition of this world but for His kingdom.  And  now  i  can  boldly  say; i  am  of Christ,  living  a  life  without  sin and doing the biddings of my Father.


    You  know  some time  later  I  met  a  girl  in  school  who  came  to  preach  to  me,  she  told  me  her  story.  All  that  happened  to her,  the  exact  details,  birth,  time  and  year,  when  we  decided  to  follow  Jesus,  how she was  disciplined,  was  the  same  as mine,  exactly the same, every detail, the  only  difference  was  that  she  is  a  lady  and  i  am  a man.


    You  now see how the Lord  works  for  our  salvation to bring us back to Him so we can become His vessel. As  we  grown  in  Him, He'll  always  discipline  us  according  to  our faith,  so  we  can  have  knowledge  of  that  which  pleases  Him  and  live  a  holy  life  for  Him,  readying  to  carry  out  the assignment  He  has  for  us.

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