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  • The Journey To Moving Forward

    Donna Williams
    • devotionals

    The journey to moving forward has not been an easy thing to accomplish, but thanks be unto God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. I spent many, many years in the wilderness, compassing the same mountain of depression, discouragement, fear, anger, hurt, bitterness and unforgiveness. Full of confusion, doubt and distrust. I felt utterly hopeless, and had to go through the process of deliverance, healing and restoration. To be quite honest, there are still some things that I still struggle with today. I find myself, asking the Lord, to bring deliverance in the area of trust. I have discovered that I have become very suspicious when it comes to other people's motives; especially leaders in the church. I have to continuously, cast down evil thoughts and ask the Lord to renew my mind.


    I know that He will give me the victory to overcome this enemy as well. God wants each of His children to be free, and knows how long the healing process will take, but rest assured, it will happen. You will experience healing, if you just hang in there and don't allow the enemy to convince you, that it will never happen. Trust me, he is a liar and the truth is no where in him. It takes time to be healed, it doesn't happen overnight,  so be patient. It took me a long time to understand the process of healing. I wanted it to happen instantaneously, but God chose otherwise. I had to accept His way and not mine.


    God spoke to me three years ago to move forward, but I had to deal with each of the issues that I mentioned earlier, that had me bound. God in His infinite wisdom, told the children of Israel, "I will drive out your enemies little by little"; because, He did not want them to be overtaken by the animals in the land. How does this relate to us, you may ask. This has been my experience: there were times when I felt so overwhelmed; because I had so many issues and the more I realized they were there, the more I felt discouraged and defeated. But God, by His wisdom dealt with each issue one at a time. So be encouraged, there is hope. 


    Remember when God spoke to Moses while they were still in the wilderness; He told Moses "you have compassed this mountain long enough, move on." I believe that this is exactly what happens to a lot of us, we get stuck in the wilderness going around the same mountain. Let me say this, people can tell us to let go of, whatever it is that we may be holding onto, but it is not until we choose to forgive and let go of the offense. It is not until then, that we will be able to truly move forward. You see it comes with a decision, we must choose to let go. Like me, I thought God was just going to take away everything I was holding onto, but it wasn't until I made a decision to forgive, then I was able to be free of the anger and bitterness that was in my heart. I still have to choose every time I am offended to forgive, it is constant.


    God told them to move on, but they had to get up and move. I encourage you to obey the instruction, that the Lord gives you and in the fullness of time, you will see Him manifest His deliverance in your life. You will truly be able to move forward, being completely whole!

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