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    Anyone who's afraid to die at any moment, is not worthy of entering the kingdom of God, because deep down his heart he knows he won't enter God's kingdom. There is a spirit of fear in a man caused by sin, that whenever he's faced with death or thinks about death he becomes afraid. Because even though he has convinced himself of entering heaven, that spirit of sin in him will automatically make him afraid and ponder in fear and anxiety. No man born again in Christ is in bondage of fear, because fear is not of God and he has given us a spirit to live not again in fear.


    Unless a man is consumed and soaked in the word which is Jesus he cannot be free from fear, except a man has faith he cannot be free from fear. Faith comes from the word, without receiving Jesus as your Lord and savior with a broken and repent heart of godly sorrow and also; maintaining your salvation, and building your faith in God's word you can never be free from fear. Our faith is built on a daily basis on God's word, it grows second as a seed grows into a tree every second, if you leave it dormant, it remains dormant till you tend to it, and if you don't tend to it, it withers.


    A man soaked in the word has more faith than one who doesn't spend time in God's word, such a man also has more faith than he who studies he word for knowledge rather than feeding off it. The word is not to be stored as knowledge, when you have understanding of God, you'll know that spending time in the word is spending time in God's presence, and when you do His glory will overwhelm you, you'll be infused with His spirit to become more like God.


    When born again, you'd want to enter heaven by all means, every born again has this experience. The day they realize they're filled with the holy spirit to live without sin, they'd Wish for the Lord to take them home instantly, they'd wish to sleep and not wake up. But Jesus will say no! you can't die. We were selfish out of ignorance, if we had died who will do the work of the Father.


    The scripture says; if a man is born again his days shall increase, this means; he is given a new life, a new life to fulfil the purpose of God bringing him here, and we all have one purpose for the expansion of God's kingdom. It's not all about our physical ambition that'll perish in time, our physical is just there to sustain the flesh that carries the soul which does the work of the Father.


    Those who are saved and are now born again in the holy ghost, filled with the holy spirit are given a new life that desires not to enter the Kingdom, but with a burden on what they can do to expand God's kingdom. This is a holy spirit journey, and the holy spirit from time to time teaches, guides and directs them what to do.


    The path to be ordained by God to fulfil His purpose and calling in our lives is not on grace, it is based on the dealings of the holy spirit with man. His dealings with every man is different, but the goal is the same, taking over territories of darkness and expanding God's kingdom. You only have to yeild in obedience to the holy spirit, just as there is an obedience to God and our Lord Jesus, there is also an obedience to the holy spirit.


    If you disobey or delay, you'll delay God's calling in your life. If you follow him in faithfulness, yielding your heart to His every dealings, you'll be increased in rank and drawn closer to God. The more you increase in spiritual rank, the more he gives you more price and sacrifice to pay to break the flesh, to be converted and reconnected back to God.


    It's when you are reconnected back to God you're then given the complete blue print of you life, to carry out God's project. It is when you have  the complete blueprint you'll know if you're to be an Apostolic prophet, apostolic evangelist, etc. God will reveal Himself to you and tell you what to do.
    Everything starts with faith, but fear kills faith, unless you build your faith, your coming here is useless, that why we have to point this out. 


    This is our true journey with God. To receive the blueprint of life so we can carry out His project.

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