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  • The Forsaken Prayer

    Jesus disciple
    • devotionals

    This  is  the  prayer  that  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  desires  us  to  pray;


    " A  prayer  to  be  filled  and  grow  in  the  spirit "


    This is  what  He wants  from  us,  not  our  selfish  prayers  that demands God of blessing to killing bones enemy. All things God  does  according to His will if  only you  walk with  Him.  But  why  do  you  always  want  to  receive  and  never  give?


    God's  children,  living  always, a  holy  life  without  sin  don't  have  to  pray  for  blessings  because  they  themselves,  their  life  is  a prayer,  a  sacrifice  unto  God, they themselves arena blessing.  When  you  live  a  holy  life before God, your  life  already  is  a  fragrance  offering  filling  the throne  of  God,  now  tell  me  if  God  will  not  do  anything  for  you  even  if  you  don't  ask  for  it.


    God's presence abides with His children, always, watching  over  them,  but  the  ungodly  he  turns  his  face  away.  The  only  reason  the  ungodly  still  receive  blessing  is because  of  His  grace  after  all  He  said  '  doesn't  the  rain  still  fall  on  both  the  righteous  and  the  ungodly.


    Many  of pray,  and  make  demands,  because they can't  see  God,  if they could see  God  face  to  face, they  won't  make such demands they're  making. They shout  here  and  there,  jump  up  and  down,  scattering  everywhere,  if they stand  face  to  face with  God, not even face to face, but to come to realization of who God is, they'll  humble themselves and  ask  from  Him,


    " Lord, what will you have me do? "


    Many  can't  pray  scriptural  prayers,  they  can't  remind  God  of  His  word,  because  they  don't  have  the  word,  God's  word  isn't dominating  their  heart.  Sin  does  not  let  man  have  a  real  relationship  with  the  father,  he  makes  request  with  fear,  how many  can  boldly  remind  God  of  his  word,  for  example;


    " Lord, surely  you  said; ' no  bones  in  my  body  shall  be  broken, "


    ( Meaning; all that you've put under my care as shepherd, none shall be lost )

    How many can say;


    " Blessed  is  he  who  hears  the  word  and  obeys  them,  for  he  shall  be  blessed  in  all  thy  ways," or 


    " For you  who  have  loved  righteousness  and  have  hated  evil,  I  shall  set  you  above  your  companions,"


    " you  shall  prepare  a  table  before  me  in  the  presence  of  my  enemy,"


    because  a  sinner  is  an  enemy  of God.


    They  can't  remind  God  of  these  word, because  they  know  deep  down  in  their  heart,  they're  corrupted,  it  is  the  spirit  of  God in  you  that  removes  every  fear  and  reminds  you  of  the  words  of  the  Father and even things He has not said.


    If  you  can't  boldly  remind  Him  of  His  word,  it  shows  that  sin  lies  in  the  depth  of  your  heart.  It's  like  a  thief  telling  God  that all  thieves  shall perish  when  he  himself  is  a  thief,  fear  won't  let  him  say  such,  and  the  prayer  of  a  sinner  is  an  abomination towards  God.


    Live  in  obedience  to  His  word,  automatically  and  naturally  He'll  grant  your  heart  desire  for  the  glory  of  His  name.


    Pray  to  grow  in  the  spirit  to  know  God  more,  not  only  about  your  stomach.  It  is  good  to  pray  about  other  things,  but  do not  neglect  your  dying  soul, do not neglect what God wants you to do for His kingdom.
    Roman 12:1


    " Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer you bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship."


    You  cannot  become  a sacrifice  without  living  a  life  without  sin.  Don't  say  its  impossible,  that's  what  the  devil  will  always  say  to  keep  men in  bondage,  you  have  not  yet  struggled  with  sin  to  the  extent  of  shedding  your  blood,  you  don't  have  any  excuse.

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