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    Those who continue to “desire and do” God’s “good pleasure” manifest that it is He who “works in you” (Phl 2:13)! This is clearly an advantage shown within Christianity that was not a provision within Judaism. Nevertheless, the former dispensation was equally necessary as the present one, for it was for the Jews—the “schoolmaster” which “brought them to Christ” that they in Him “might be justified by faith” (Gal 3:24); all of which used by God exemplifies salvation to all who will now come!


    How could it be sensible to consider that anyone in whom God has implanted His Spirit, and a nature that makes one a “partaker of the divine nature” of His Son (2Pe 1:4; Col 3:10) could ever desire to be without God? If the Creator is “working in you” to desire after Him—who is one to resist? It’s a given that God can be “resisted” if you haven’t chosen to be His (Act 7:51), but in the light of the above, how can a believer ever choose otherwise? Is not God’s purpose of “working in you,” to prevent ever again choosing “the former conversation the old man” (Eph 4:22)?


    Thus, those who profess faith in Christ and do not manifest a permanent lifestyle “after the Spirit” clearly evince the absence of God’s love and provisions having ever entered into the life of the soul! It’s my strong suspicion that God offers all salvation (Mar 8:34; Tit 2:11; 1Ti 2:4; 2Pe 3:9), but only draws (Jhn 6:44) those whom He knows genuinely choose to come to Him (Mat 7:13; Jhn 6:37; also Deu 30:19). The Spirit proves to believers that they are saved (Rom 8:16), and the outward evidence is that they will never cease to live for Him (Mat 24:13; Mar 13:13; also Heb 10:39).

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