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    I thank God for those who are born again in the holy ghost, and I thank God for those who are recently born again. By grace you were called,  and on maintenance of that which you have been given, you're still standing, just as a man is born again, he is born again first as a child until he endures to the end where salvation lies to be filled with the holy spirit he cannot be born again in the holy ghost. A born again in the holy ghost is a holy spirit directed life, he teaches and guides you, and gives you the desire to be more like Jesus. Those born again in the holy ghost are those who can beat their chest and say;


    " He that is born of God cannot sin because God's seed remains in him. "


    However, those who are born again as a child in the spirit might lose their stand if there are not faithful and watchful. A man born again as a child needs to grow to defend himself, if he remains a little child in the spirit any that comes his way he won't be able to overcome, there is a grace that covers him, but when that grace or anointing expires he'll fall back to sin.


    It’s like a hen nursing her chickens, if all the chickens follows the mother about under her protection, and one refused to follow, a time will come when the mother hen will focus more on the others. When a man receives Jesus there is an anointing to enable him nurse that which be has been given but if he refused or if he is unfaithful when that anointing supporting him expires the evil one will snatch him away.

    A born again can still fall if he doesn't build and equip himself spiritually, if he doesn't put on the full amour of God, because there are spiritual energy or forces of evil that will converter to breach that man's barrier to get his heart, and this barrier is the word of God deposited bin a man born again, God's word is our shield, and as a shield it's being attacked day after day unless you fortify this fortress, by repairing damages and by strengthening the barrier even more by feeding on God's word, when the spiritual energy of sin break through, that man is gone.


    Salvation is the freedom and deliverance of the spirit man from bondages of sin.


    Salvation as a freedom from sin, frees man from sin, yet that man has not yet attain salvation, because his wounds has been healed already but the scars are still there, this man can fall anytime if not careful, unless these scars has been removed on deliverance  by the delivering power of the word he cannot have salvation on a firm foundation.


    With this illustration you'd know why some born again have fallen away;


    Sin is like an injury, it is indeed a wound to the spirit man. When a man is in sin, there are damages that has been caused as a result of the sin he was in bondage to, these damages or winds causes an ungodly to remain in sin, because his spirit man has been wounded and there not strong enough to come out of sin. When a man recieves Jesus to heart, Jesus the master healer, heals all his damages and wounds through the word. This man becomes healthy spiritually to follow Jesus.


    However although his wounds has been healed, there lies scars gotten from his injury, these scars stands as an identification to spirits of sin reminding them of what these man has done in the past. It is like a uniform worn that attracts spirits of sin to  him, because he is still carrying their property. Let's say he was bound to lust, though he has been treated of his wound, but as long as the scars are still there spirits can see it as an identification that he was once in lust. As a result This man might not live in sin but he'll struggle to live a holy life, because as long as that scar of lust or uniform of lust is there, they'll converge trying to breach this man's barrier, if he doesn't strengthen barrier on time, he'll be invaded by lust and thrown back to captivity of sin.


    He has to go back to the surgeon ( Jesus ) to remove his scars, he has to go back to the word of God, spending time in God's presence living in obedience His every word in order to strengthen his barrier. As he abides in God's presence, he is shielded in God's glory, he is shielded in God's fortress until the surgery is completed and the scar erased.


    It is when these scars are erased a man is delivered from sin to live a holy life freely and naturally without struggle. Why? Because he no longer has an identification of sin in the spirit realm, when spirits of sin sees him all they see is light, the glory of God, even the spirit of lust that once held him bound won't be able to identify him because he is now a new creation.


    This is the reason why many are pressured by sin, because although they have been treated, yet, not healed of their scars.

    Spend time in God's word to heal the scars in your soul, unless you do this you'll never be delivered to receive salvation. You'll continue to build and destroy, it's only a man that lives a life without sin by the holy spirit, the Lord invest in because he knows he won't lay to waste what He has invested in Him.

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