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  • Savour Your Dish

    Jesus disciple
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    When one is  served  a  delicacy,  he  calls  the  waiters  attention  on  how  to  get  the  best  out  of  it, if he  hasn't  tasted  it before.


    He takes  his  time,  eating  slowly,  savoring  every  delicious  taste  of  it.  He  finishes  it  with  an  hunger  for  more,  he  gets another  plate  full,  and  another,  till  he  is  satisfied.


    However,  when  a  dish  is  brought  before  him  which  he  has  no  appetite  for,  he  rushes  over  it,  devouring  it  quickly,  just  to  fill his  stomach  and  get  out,  or  rather  still,  though  he  is  hungry,  he  refuses  to  eat.  So  it  is  with  the  word  of  God.


    Those  who  are  led  by  the  spirit  of  God,  those  who  are  elects  of  God,  always  spend  time  in  the  word,  because  it  is  food  to their  spirit  man  growth,  they  free  their  heart,  asking  the  holy  spirit  for  interpretation  of  the  word,  they  meditate  on  it slowly,  attentively  and  repeatedly  until  they  are  saturated  in  the  word. They  settle  down  and  let  it  digest  properly,  letting  it  become  an  integral  part  of  them.


    On the  other  hand  the  simple,  not  having  the  spirit  of  God,  will  rush  over  it  just  to  acquire  knowledge,  mere  history, instead  of  the  power  thereof,  while  the  lost  will  just  toss  it  aside  not  giving  even  the  slight  attention  or  interest  towards it.


    In all this, we come to a realization that; only  those  who  have  the  spirit  of  God,  studies  the  word  twice  or  more  times  daily,  if  they  don't, they won't  feel  alright,  they'll  feel  something  is  missing,  just  as  you'd  feel  when  you  miss  your  meal.


    If  you  don't  have  this hunger  for  the  word,  know  this then, that  you  don't  have  the  spirit  of  God  and  no  man  will  enter God's  kingdom  without  His  spirit, because  it  is  your  train  ticket  to  God's  kingdom. If  you  want  to  have  this  spirit  of  Christ,  you must have  a  free  heart  gotten through  genuine repentance,  and  meditation on  the  word of God, living  in  obedience,  not  cramming it to  preach  or  for  knowledge,  no!  but,  for  your spiritual  growth,  then  you'll  testify  of  the  power  of  God  through  the  word  in  your  life. The power  that delivers a man  from  his classified bondages  of  sin.


                  The  Chef,  The Delicacy,  The Waiter

    The  Master  chef: he  prepares  the  food  perfectly  for  the  food  critic,  the  food  is  served,  by  the  waiter,  though  the  food  is perfectly  made,  it  is  up  to  the  food  critic  to  decide  if  it  meets his standard  or  not.


     - The  master  chef,  is  God

     - The  food  prepared,  is  the  word  of  God  which  in  personality  is  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ

     - The  waiter  is  the  holy  spirit,  for  he  is  the  one  who  delivers  the  food.


     In  simple  term,  God  and  the  word  which  is  Jesus  Christ  and  the  holy  spirit  are  one,  they  all  work  together  without confusion,  but  God  is  the  one  who  gives  the  go  ahead  even  though  they  walk  with  one  mindset.  God  sent  the  word ( Jesus  Christ, ) and  in  this  age  of  the  holy  spirit,  the holy spirit's Job  is  to  deliver  the  word  to  us  for  our  salvation.


    We are  the  food  critic,  we  have  the  right  to  reject  the  food  even  though  it  is  perfectly  prepared,  that  is;  we  have  the  choice to  reject  the gospel and  consider  it  rubbish  or  accept  it  and  consider  it  good  for  our  salvation.


    However,  most  of  man  kind  turned  out  being  the  evil  food  critic.  The  chef  (  God  )  spent  his  time  to  prepare  the  food  of life  (  the  word  )  for  our  benefit,  but  with  our  wicked  heart  we  labeled  the  food  rubbish,  tossing  it  aside  and  went  after  that prepared  by  the  evil  one,  because  it  looks  appetizing  and  sweet  to  the  eyes,  lacking  knowledge  that  though  sweet  in  the mouth  it'll  turn  sour  in  the  stomach  leading  to  their  demise.


    God  has  every  right  to  deal  with  the  food  critic  as  He  pleases,  why? Now tell  me,  if  you're  a  chef,  you  did  a  fine  job  preparing  a  delicacy,  and  than  at  the  end  the  food  critic  said  it  is  rubbish, though  you  might  prepare  some  extra  delicacy  to  see  if  he'll  change  his  mind,  but  still  if  he  doesn't,  the  chef  might  end  up going  berserk  and  do  something  dangerous  to  that  food  critic  for  insulting  his  work.


    How long  are  we  going  to  live  as  the  wicked  food  critic,  who,  although  knows  what  is  right  but,  still  calls  it  wrong.  The word  is  being  served  to  you  every  time,  but  still  you  tossed  it  on  the  floor  rendering  it  rubbish.


    I  tell  you,  though  the  chef  has  longsuffering,  for  his  patience  is  for  our  salvation,  a  time  will  come  when  he'll  shove  that food  down  the  food  critic's  throat  bringing  him  judgement,  and  then  skewer  and  roast  him  in  the  oven.

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