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                                              Santa Claus


       Christmas is a special holiday that spread rapidly and quickly all over the world. Christmas is a special holiday that has everything to do with Jesus. If Jesus never came into the world, the special holiday called Christmas would never exist. The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas day has everything to do with the birth of Jesus. After the birth of Jesus, three wise men who travel to see Jesus from the east, the place they came from was called Babylon. Those three wise men left the east and went to Bethlehem to visit the baby Jesus. When the three wise men arrived at the place where the baby Jesus was they gave gifts to Jesus parents as a celebration for His birth. The gifts were given to Joseph and Mary as a sign of the great respect the three wise men had for the parents of Jesus.

       The three wise men had great respect for Joseph and Mary, because they were the two people that God the Father had chosen to be the guardians of His Son. The great respect the three wise men had for Joseph and Mary was shown through their giving and not only through their giving, but their great respect was shown through what they gave. The three wise men were very wealthy men, but Joseph and Mary were two people who were very poor. So in the giving situation that went on between the three wise men and the parents of Jesus, it was a situation where the rich gave to the poor.

       The gifts, the three wise men gave to the parents of Jesus were gold, frankincense and myrrh. These three items were items that were owned only by people who were wealthy back during the time of Jesus.

       The ideal of giving gifts on the day of Christmas, which came into exist by the three wise men, became the tradition of Christmas to everyone or all most everyone all over the world. The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas became very popular in Europe many years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

       The tradition of Christmas, when it has to do only with the giving of gifts on Christmas day, started in one place in Europe and that place was Ireland. After the giving of gifts on Christmas day started in Ireland, it spread rapidly throughout Europe.

       Then everyone in Europe adopted the tradition of giving gifts to other people on Christmas day. The tradition of giving gifts to other people on Christmas day started by one person in Ireland and that person was called St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas existed in the 10th century. During the time of St. Nicholas there were many people in Ireland who were faithful to the Father through Jesus and because of their faithfulness to the Father through Jesus they developed a heart of giving. Out of all of the Christians who lived in Ireland, St. Nicholas was the person who had the strongest desire to give. When St. Nicholas was alive, he was one of the wealthiest people who lived in Ireland. He was a man who owned a tremendous amount of land and that was what made him wealthy. St. Nicholas had many people who worked for him. St. Nicholas worked all day. In the early part of the day, he would work on his land and in the later part of the day he would make toys for children. The toys he made he would sell, but he would sell them to a particular group who were the upper class.

       St. Nicholas would give free toys throughout the year to kids who came from poor families, but he would give them out in small numbers. So each kid in a poor family would get one or two toys at a time. St. Nicholas did that many times throughout the year, but there was one particular time of the year when St. Nicholas would give many toys to many poor kids at the same time and that time of the year is the time of the year we call Christmas.

       In Ireland, during the time of St. Nicholas, the weather was the same as it was in the northeast between 1970 and 1980. It was freezing cool with a large amount of snow throughout the winter season. The kids St. Nicholas gave toys to, they were kids whose parents were employees of St. Nicholas.

       St. Nicholas would go from house to house of the people who were his employees and give gifts to their kids and he would use a sled and a group of deer’s to do that.

       When the tradition of Christmas reached America in the 17th century, the true folk tale of St. Nicholas changed as well as his name. When Christmas arrived in America, St. Nicholas was given the name Santa Claus. Not only was his named changed, but his appearance was changed as well. The way he gave gifts out was changed. St. Nicholas name was changed to Santa Claus by a group of Christians who were of Spanish descent.

       In the 17th century, St. Nicholas was called Santa Claus in Spanish. St. Nicholas wasn’t a fat man, he was a skinny man. His appearance as being a fat man came from a man who tried to imitate in America, what St. Nicholas did in Ireland. The man who tried to imitate St. Nicholas in America, he was a fat man.

       The way he dress as Santa Claus was the traditional way of dressing in America back during that time. Santa Claus’s hat was actually a nightcap that people wore in America back during that time and at night, “according to the folk tale” was when Santa Claus would go around and hand out presents. In America, in the 17th century, the way Santa Claus gave out gifts was he would go down a chimney. This folk tale started by something people use to do in their homes during Christmas time and what the people use to do during Christmas time, back during the time of Santa Claus, was they would put up their trees and laid out their presents under the tree near the fire place.

       Back in the 17th and 18th century, people would put up their Christmas tree and put presents under the Christmas tree near the fire place, because near the fire place was the only place where there was light in the house at night. So the fire place was the place where the tree was put up and the presents were laid.





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